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How miLab works

Improve convenience, efficiency and consistency of standarddiagnostic testing

  • Fully-Automated Sample Preparation
    Smearing & staining in one step with solid-based staining cartridges
  • Capturing High-Resolution Digital Images
    More than 500 cell images per second with high performance digital microscope
  • Analyzing with AI Algorithms
    Embedded AI provides faster and more consistent results than manual microscopy
  • Verifying Results with Remote Access
    View results online anytime, anywhere

The decentralized diagnostic solution that combines the accuracy of diagnostic laboratories with the accessibility of point of care

  • Diagnostic Lab: High accuracy of diagnosis, Low accessibility due to operating costs.
  • POC: Low accuracy, High accessibility → Limitation that cannot provide confirmed results
miLab's Solution
miLab™ provides decentralized diagnostics by addressing this trade-off between diagnostic accuracy and accessibility → Enables more accurate diagnostic testing and dramatically improving access to healthcare

Innovative solution, enhancing efficiency by automation and digitalization of labor-intensive diagnostic process

Manual microscopy test: There are variations in results and the analysis times depending on the skill level of microscopists. Additionally, it takes time and resources to store and deliver specimens.
miLab's Solution
Automating the entire process ensures consistent diagnostic test results and time and allows users to handle other critical tasks simultaneously. All test results are stored and transmitted as digital data, significantly reducing the time and resources required.

Scalable Solution for Diagnosing a Variety of Diseases by Simply changing the Single-User Cartridge on the Same Platform Device

It is difficult to efficiently utilize the space in an environment that requires a large range of equipment for various diseases. → In low and middle-income countries and primary health facilities with limited resources, the cost of equipment can be prohibitive and constrains the expansion of diagnostic services.
miLab's Solution
miLab™ cartridges are highly scalable with the solid based staining solution → The more diverse the supported diagnostic tests on a single device, the greater the cost efficiency for users.

miLab™’s Core Technologies

Bio (NGSI), Software (Embedded AI), Hardware (All-in-one Platform) Convergence Deep Tech
Product Roadmap

Portfolio Across Infectious Diseases, Blood Analysis, Cancer Diagnosis, and Cancer Profiling

Noul has launched malaria diagnosis, blood cell morphology, and cervical cancer test products and is working on developing cartridges for breast cancer and thyroid cancer. In addition, we are conducting pilot studies for precision diagnosis in the field of cancer profiling.

Scalability to Digital Diagnostic Services for Telemedicine

Concept Mapping for Noul's Digital Lab and Telemedicine Service in the Future
  • Providing a high quality diagnostic service regardless of location and environment
  • AI-based diagnosis with the accumulation of analysed data