We aim to provide the best working atmosphere for everyone with outstanding professionalism, adventurous spirit and a desire to make the world a better place.

Working at Noul

Our team is made up of exceptional experts from over 40 different fields with an adventurous spirit, and ambitious attitude to make our world a better place. From communications specialists to computer vision engineers, each person at Noul cooperates and communicates for Noul’s mission. We are looking for team players who have strong responsibility and ownership. If you sympathize with the ideas we worked hard to make Core Values below, please apply for Noul without hesitation.

  • We Seek a Simple Organizational Structure

    Noul aims to build agile role-based teams in a fluid organizational structure. This structure allows us to make timely and effective decisions in the face of a quickly-evolving bio-tech industry. It is also our belief that this unique and flexible structure will be a catalyst for future breakthroughs and innovations.

    Key Requirements
    1. The professionalism to accomplish the task
    2. Dynamic communication skill from a problem-solving perspective that transcends departmental boundaries
    3. Leader’s ability to play a pivotal role in company-wide collaboration
  • We Are Self-Driven

    Noul is putting a lot of effort into creating a workplace where self-directed individuals can concentrate on their work. It's difficult to create ingenious products and services, as well as the social impact that the company pursues, just by doing assigned tasks diligently. At Noul, if a member is recognized by leaders and colleagues as having a high level of responsibility and work completeness, they can freely choose a work environment in which they can immerse themselves the most. Noul is creating a work environment that allows members who are trusted deeply by their colleagues to lead their work more proactively.

    Key Requirements
    1. Clear understanding of company’s mission, values, and principles
    2. Transparency in one’s work
    3. Responsibility that puts the company first without being swept away by others or situations.
  • We Aim for Audacious Goals

    Our mission and business directives are to contribute to the health and life of the global community and to solve challenging problems that threaten global health. Every member of Noul is working in a challenging environment to achieve the company’s grand goal of transforming traditional diagnostics based on technology convergence. We seek members who will pursue these challenges with grit and resolve without compromises. Potential candidates should be committed to the highest level of standards and work ethic.

    Key Requirements
    1. Grit to achieve one’s goal
    2. Growth mindset enjoying challenges and learning from failure
    3. Systematic reasoning that understands and collaborates with others without being buried in one’s own work
  • We Value Attitude and Mindset

    Attitude and mindset are the source of strength in our journey to achieving our corporate objectives. The attitudes and mindset that we care about includes a sense of responsibility, respect, openness, collaboration, and leadership for growth. Justifying the means with the end is not tolerated at Noul. From the founding, we have been giving out various awards to encourage innovations and to harbor a culture of personal and corporate growth. These awards include The Noulian of the Year award, The Challenger Award, and the Best Colleague Award.

    Key Requirements
    1. Commitment to practice the values and principles required by the company
    2. Mindset that find a better way from the perspective of a colleague than me
    3. Open mind to exchange honest feedback with colleagues

Core Values

Noul’s identity is based on 7 value pairs in organizational operations and member behavior. A value pair consists of two value elements.

  • Excellence with Integrity

    Noul seeks outstanding performance, but such performance must always be achieved with honesty.

  • Autonomy with Responsibility

    Decide and act based on one’s own, but it is based on a responsibility to the company and colleagues.

  • Purpose with Performance

    Pursue a higher purpose but produce concrete results that match the purpose

  • Respect with Critical thinking

    Always treat people with respect, but think critically about actions and situations.

  • Transparency with Accountability

    The process and results should not only be transparent in themselves, but also be understood through sufficient explanation.

  • Diversity with inclusion

    Not only recognize various thoughts and backgrounds, but also create synergy through inclusion.

  • Confidence with Open-minded

    Lead your role with confidence but always be open-minded.

Opportunities & Benefits

Noul offers a variety of opportunities & benefits to encourage teams to work in a culture of professionalism and responsibility.

  • Flexible Work Hours

  • Daily Meals

  • Out-of-office Work &
    Free Book Program

  • Medical Checkup every 2 years

  • Office Environments Optimized for Productivity and Comfort

  • In-company Cafe Operation

  • Provide Financial Supports Congratulatory & Condolence Events

  • Support Taxi Fare for Mandatory out of office work

  • Monthly Benefit Points

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