• Noul selected as final 5 teams for Innovation Pitch Competition… Live Pitch on ‘miLab, The Decentralized Malaria Diagnostic Platform’

(Yongin, Korea) October 31, 2022 Noul Co., Ltd. (CEO: David Lim), a Biotech Company, announced that it will participate in the 2022 American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (ASTMH) annual meeting held from October 30 to November 3 in Seattle, USA. Noul plans to introduce the innovativeness of malaria products and explore market opportunities in the public sector by participating in ASTMH annual meeting.

First, Noul will participate in a science session titled ‘Malaria: Diagnosis – Challenges and Innovation’ held on October 31, conducting an oral presentation on “The miLab™ Platform, a Fully Automated On-site Diagnostic System with Artificial Intelligence for Malaria”’. At this event, Noul will disclose the results of the initial miLab™’s analysis using samples from suspected malaria patients conducted in the Kamuzu and Muzuzu regions of Malawi between 2020 and 2021.

This presentation is meaningful as it is the first case of using digital innovation technology, not the conventional method, in the diagnosis of malaria, which is one of the most serious tropical infectious diseases in the world.

Also, Noul will give a speech at the Annual Innovations Pitch Competition on November 1. Noul was selected as the final 5 teams for this competition, which is a TED Talk style speed presentation session presenting ‘miLabTM, The Decentralized Malaria Diagnostic Platform’. In a preliminary review, Noul’s miLab™ was evaluated as “a next-generation innovative technology that can contribute to the end of malaria, and it is impressive in that it can significantly reduce the need for malaria diagnosis professionals.”

Meanwhile, Noul will set up a booth at this meeting and display miLabTM platform and malaria cartridges. Noul plans to introduce the field applicability of the miLabTM platform to public health experts such as international organizations, governments, academics, and medical service providers, exploring potential partnerships and business opportunities. In addition, Noul plans to verify the effectiveness of its tropical infectious disease product portfolio for the African region by participating in major sessions of the conference.

David Lim, CEO of Noul, said, “Participating in the ASTMH annual meeting, Noul will accelerate the establishment of international partnership in the field of tropical infectious diseases as well as expand Noul’s innovative diagnosis technology beyond malaria to other tropical infectious diseases.”

ASTMH, which Noul has participated in every year, has a history of about 120 years as the world’s largest public health society for reducing the risk of tropical infectious diseases and promoting global health. 4,700 people from 94 countries will participate in the 2022 annual meeting, and 90 companies will participate in the exhibition. Major public health-related national and international organizations such as academia, non-profit organizations, and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , National Institutes of Health, and United States Agency for International Development mainly attend.