Blood cell morphology analysis is the starting point for diagnosing illness. The analysis of morphological changes of blood cells not only can predict infectious diseases, but also plays an important role in screening tests for anemia or leukemia. However, in local hospitals, laboratories and skilled technicians for morphological analysis are insufficient. Noul’s miLab proposes a new solution that fully automates the entire process from blood sample preparation to microscopic analysis. In particular, by sharing the digitized image of blood cells through the network, it is designed to receive the help of a specialist anytime, anywhere, providing an innovative solution required in the era of telemedicine.


NGSI-stained WBCs : Neutrophil, Eosinophil, Lymphocyte, Monocyte, and Basophil



Noul’s miLab can digitize NGSI-stained blood cell images and then classify 5-differential WBCs through deep learning algorithms. The accuracy of the deep learning algorithm for classifying 5 types of leukocytes was finally confirmed to be 98.14%.


AI detects WBC and classifies 5 types.



Eco-friendly NGSI Staining Method

Blood staining is performed in more than 1 billion cases in laboratories around the world. Traditional liquid-based protocols generate huge amounts of liquid waste every day. However, noul’s NGSI method produces no liquid waste at all. It is an innovative eco-friendly method that minimizes liquid waste that is not only harmful to humans, but also burdens the environment.