Noul Co., Ltd., a start-up diagnostic firm focused on providing an innovative solution for blood-related diseases, was officially appointed as a member of the Korea End Malaria Alliance. The Korea End Malaria Alliance was formed in conjunction with the Korean Advocates for Global Health, African Future Foundation, and Malaria No More.

On August 26th, 2019, Korean Advocates for Global Health, African Future Foundation, and Malaria No More hosted an inaugural conference for ‘Korea End Malaria Alliance’ at the Centerpoint Meeting Center in Seoul. On the next day, August 27th, the Korean national government and Global Fund held a High-Level Symposium on Eradicating Malaria and Tuberculosis at the Four Seasons Hotel in Seoul.

The Global Fund was formed in 2002 as an international organization to support the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases such as AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria.

This year’s inaugural conference and symposium were attended by guests by global infectious disease experts, international organizations, and representatives from the public organizations to discuss Korea’s contribution in the fight against global infectious diseases.

Noul was invited to the conference as a developer of the world’s first automated point-of-care diagnostics platform, miLab™, which can perform gold-standard microscopy tests for epidemic diseases such as malaria. Using breakthrough NGSI™ (Next Generational Staining and Immunoassay) technology, miLab™ enables resource-limited medical settings in rural areas and developing countries to perform a morphology-based confirmed diagnosis without requiring large scale medical facilities, laboratory infrastructure, and expert human resources usually required in a traditional clinical laboratory. Noul’s aim is to increase accessibility to accurate diagnosis by decentralizing morphology-based confirmed diagnosis, which was only possible in large hospitals and labs.

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Noul’s Tropical and Infectious Disease Research Center (TID) opened in March 2019 in Malawi, Africa. Noul’s miLab™ platform is expected to launch in 1H of 2020.